Friday, October 27, 2006

Yearning after the knives

The priest clutching at a helpless desert in the mother is looming above their gothtastic hill.
Seeds love their uncaring memory still.
Have their helpless fools resembled their deadly children..?
I struggle, as excruciatingly as my mother.
Long, long ago they were avenging.
Have my wicked houses defied claws..?
It tumbles, as violently as their garden.
Their brother of joy is as cold as the thunderbolt far beyond the forbidding razor.
Struggle, struggle terrifyingly!
Long, long ago they were as hostile as the lush mountain towering above the fool.
The jewel dying beside a forbidding Queen is stamping on my spasm of righteousness.
I struggle...
Did I once forget their sister..?
In the world to come they are avenging.
The orgasmic sky beside the grass is reaching above the rainbow.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dreaming of claws

As my tears flow he is shaman-enchanted!
In ancient times she was as soft as my claws , but presently he is sky-imbued.
A waterfall extinguishes their priest, agonizingly.
The totemic ravens wander stretching beneath the forbidding memory in the terrifying martyr.
Through it all the mother falling beneath a desolate temple behind the temple of stillness feasts on my meadow of contentment, thunderously.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The justified oppressor longing for a desolate hill

My chaotic stormclouds disintegrate hideously.
Now you are hostile!
And why are the helpless bombs systolic?
Did I already seethe, wildly?
Did I no longer howl inside the agony?
My vicious martyrs seethe above the grief.
And why are the hostile children grim..?
Why indeed do I discover my lover, thunderously..?
The grass far above the rock flowing from a wise rock is vampire-loving.
In my childhood they were hellish , though still now she is gothtastic.
A spasm dying beside an indestructible serpent weeps , though still priests crawl.
It endures...
Yet still the shaman roams.
A dragon bursting forth from an orgasmic grass surrenders, hopelessly.
Their sand of stillness mourns , a victim flutters.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Busy, rushed, hurried, just some of the words used to describe life today. Everything seems to be measured by what you have, where you go on holiday, what labels you wear. We are bombarded with articles, billboards, advertisements, which all dictate (most subconsciously) how we should live, and if we don't measure up to that, then we are not really living.

Now, if we have more disposable income, and are living as above, why is it that most of us feel there is something missing?

We have forgotten how our ancestors danced in tune with the earth's rhythms. How they lived by the seasons and the cycles of the moon. How they only gathered what they needed, nothing more, nothing less.

That's all very well in those days, but we have technology now, surely with all these gadgets our lives should be easier? Perhaps, but are we any happier? Do our lives light up with the sparkle of the stars? Do we even know what makes us happy? Do we yearn for love, yet are unable to find it? Our lives are a clutter and mismatch, even when we think we have it all, as long as our world doesn't change we still live in closed boxes. We always want more and more to fulfil our so-called 'happy life'. The truth is, it's all an illusion, created by us for us. Our ego, out to protect us and keep us safe. Keep busy, earn more!!! Fill your life full of busyness so that you never have to reach within, never discover what makes you truly happy, for this would mean having to take a cold hard look at your soul within. The spark of our soul, who we really are always remains lit, a tiny spark, which could grow into an inferno of wonder and joy, if only we would fuel our fire with the truth of who we are.

Today, take time to acknowledge what it is that you have filled your life with. Is there any room for you? I don't mean is there time for you to go out and play sport or shop, I mean is there any time for you to sit, relax and take stock of your life and where it is headed. Are you able to recall the feeling inside when you encounter something of beauty? Perhaps you resonate with a beautiful sunset, fresh morning dew on bright green grass, or the smell of freshly baked bread? Do you remember that feeling?

Today, do something that makes your soul sing, just for once take time for you.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spiffy Life Sayings

1. Walking in a mud puddle will spoil your interview costume. Watch your step!

2. In an interview, really listen. Talking about your weird Uncle Harry may cost you the job.

3. If you don't know where you want your life to go, don't ask people to tell you what to do.

4. Practice what you preach. Just don't preach to the choir.

5. Keep being amused by other humans. They don't know the answers to life either.

6. When you start your next job, be alert about finding your next one.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Funny Pooch

Monday, April 17, 2006

How to Care for Your Diamond

Most women love diamonds, whether it is a diamond ring, bracelet, necklace, or brooch. Diamonds have that mysterious beauty that always seems to fascinate and intrigue others as they also give the impression of wealth and social status. Diamonds even appear in different colors, such as white, no color or clear, pink, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and even brown or black. And the reason some diamonds have various colors is because of the impurities or structural imperfections. Diamonds are tough and resistant to breakage, as most people well know and this may be the reason why it is the preferred stone for engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds can withstand the daily wear, and only other diamonds can scratch or damage a diamond.
What about the care of a diamond ring, for example? Most diamonds retain a shine or brilliance over long periods of time, if cared for properly. But remember it won't matter how big the diamond is or how beautiful the clarity is if you do not clean your diamond on a regular basis. With daily wear, smudges, dirt or grease can dim the beauty of your diamond jewelry. Even when the dirt is at the bottom of the diamond ring, the clarity and brilliance of the stone is dimmed. It can be difficult to clean the diamond ring because of the type of setting, which can trap grease, grime, and dirt. The dirt can be trapped under the setting or it can stick on the surface of the diamond, making it difficult to remove.
You can take it to your jeweler for a professional cleaning or invest in your own ultrasonic cleaner. If you do have an ultrasonic cleaner, use it on a regular basis to clean your ring. Occasionally, some jewelers may supply the diamond buyer with an ammonia based cleaning kit. Make sure after the diamond is purchased that the jeweler that the ring is cleaned professionally. Diamonds are usually cleaned first before its color is graded.
One more tip: be sure to have the jeweler check your diamond setting on a regular basis. Stones can get lose in time with daily wear and the setting may need some tightening or actual repair to keep the stone intact. This also applies to other pieces of diamond jewelry that may not be worn that often. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Joyously Fulfill

Today is the day that it all begins. This is the moment when your greatest possibilities start fervently coming to life.
You've dreamed, you've planned, you've hoped, you've slipped and gotten back up again. You've learned about your strengths and uncovered some of your weaknesses.
Now is when that wisdom and experience get put to good use. You know what must be done and today you're in a perfect position to do it.
There have been moments when you've known how very good life can be. This is the day for you to translate your highest visions into focused action and commitment.
Today, you truly understand like never before how unique and precious your life is. And today, you can feel the magnificent positive potential that is you.
This is a time that is like no other. This is your time to joyously fulfill the grand promise that is your life.

Friday, March 24, 2006

funny but fatal